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lotag is used in the following structures:

sprite struct; the sprite's current lotag.

  • Actor sprites use lotags to specify what skill the sprite should appear on:
    • 0 "No Monsters" and above
    • 1 "Piece of Cake" and above
    • 2 "Let's Rock" and above
    • 3 "Come Get Some" and above
    • 4 "Damn, I'm Good" only

wall struct;

  • On a forcefield, the wall's lotag specifies which switch can turn it off
  • Walls can be assigned a lotag for other special behavior (e.g., to play the "Damn I'm good" sound cue when the player presses use on a mirror)
  • See also Category:Editing_Walls_and_Wall_Effects

sector struct;

  • Sectors use their lotags for many actions and effects
  • If a sector contains an Activatorlocked then during the game bit 14 of the sector lotag is used to lock the sector.
  • See also: Sector_Tag_Reference_Guide