Make actor aim vertical

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In this example, the actor will find the closest LIZTROOP actor within 2048 units and calculate the vertical angle it needs to aim at. This code is an example of how to use the zshoot command to create friendly bots and other similar effects. The following does not contain the gamevar definitions, which must be placed outside of the actor code.

findnearactor LIZTROOP 2048 ACTOR2
ifvarn ACTOR2 -1
        getprojectile[SHOTSPARK1].vel PROJECTILE_VEL

        ifn PROJECTILE_VEL 0
            div TEMP PROJECTILE_VEL // distance / projectile velocity = the amount of tics it would take for the projectile to reach the player's position (regardless of Z coordinate)

        getactor[THISACTOR].z TEMP2
        getactor[ACTOR2].z TEMP3
        sub TEMP3 TEMP2 

        ifn TEMP 0
            div TEMP3 TEMP

        zshoot TEMP3 SHOTSPARK1