Polymer Deficiencies

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This is a list of problems in the Polymer renderer that need to be fixed. Plagman is master of everything Polymer.

  • certain major optimizations remain to be done
    • The sole issue is lack of time.
    • Plagman knows exactly what needs to be done.
  • implement new sky support; would solve:
    • limited to one skybox
    • level geometry is displayed through skyboxes when it should not
    • showview command does not work
    • changing skies at runtime
  • no voxel support
  • no support for glblend def tokens
  • the artmapping shader conflicts with filtering, normal/specular mapping, and some tint effects
  • doesn't save known good geometry in savegames for use as a fallback when map effects become corrupt, revealing errors that otherwise would be avoided
  • not hooked up to TX's Sector Effector-based ROR (which remains useful for retrofitting existing maps)
  • polymer does not modify roll when transforming HUD models during changes to rotscrnang (per polymost).
  • ATI cards cast no shadows with any spotlights.
  • Better sprite/model sector tracking; would solve:
    • Models disappearing from view
    • Lights affecting sprites through walls
  • Translucent/masked-out texels of sprites draw incorrectly in front of translucent TROR boundaries (may be multiple issues)
  1. Non-hightile, lighting enabled: in trueror1.map, shoot with the chaingun at the TROR water. The water will not show where the splash texture has masked-out texels. Bug disappears with lighting disabled.