Revolving Doors

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Build/Mapster32 Map Editing

NOTE: Much of information on this page is from around 1999. Some may be outdated, and some may be incorrect -- this page exists to get you started with the Level Editing and may not currently cover some of the additional features available in Mapster32.

Rotating Subway Doors


This type of door constantly revolves in a circle, much like the doors you find in an airport or subway station.

STEP 1: Create your door sector to be rotated. The sector should be valid player space. Raise the floor of the door up to the ceiling (or lower the ceiling to the floor).
STEP 2: Place one sector effector sprite in the middle of the door sector. Give this sprite a lotag value of 1. Give it a unique hitag value. If you want this door to rotate counter-clockwise, angle the sprite straight down. If you want the door to rotate in a clockwise manner, angle the sprite straight up.
STEP 3: Place one sector effector sprite somewhere else in the door sector. Give this sprite the same hitag value you gave the sprite in step 2. Leave the lotag value as 0. Change the angle of this sprite to point straight down. You are now finished - take a look at the tutorial map if you don't quite understand.
NOTE 1: Several versions of this door can be made. Look at the tutorial example to see the different versions in action.