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I'm XTHX2, aka NoNZealot, the author of HellDuke TC. Good that you've visited my page, ha.

Description of HellDuke

HellDuke TC! is a Total Conversion for Eduke32. It will have 6 episodes each will have their own story and place. The TC have many additions to the normal game such as weapon selection sounds, new enemies, new sounds, various new effects, some new weapons and Alternate Fire system.

As an addition, my TC also has a Score System. The player will gain score points by killing enemies or grabbing the treasures he finds. And if you succeed and finish the episode, there'll be a high score screen to show you the scores of other players. There will also be a competition to choose the player who has the most score among Duke Nukem 3D forum members.

"This mod is not just Doom to Duke, but a Doom experience to Duke"

-- By Quakis, slightly edited by me :D


I've almost finished remaking all the maps in Episode 1. For now, 4 maps are finished and are playable. The other 2 episodes can be played also, however, I advice you to don't, as the maps look like crap...

Every episode will have a mini-boss battle, this or that way. You'll face many demons, undead creatures, monsters or zombies or even a mix of all these, but never forget, you're Duke Nukem, the alien ass kicker, who can stop you? A few demons? Piece of Cake. Much more demons? Come Get Some! Also, Duke should be bored of killing aliens all the time, he should add something else to his "Hall of Fame"

Story of HellDuke

Chapter One : Knee Deep in Duke

Duke Nukem, the hero who saved the ass of Earth millions of times, is now retired, since he fought for years after years, he needs some R&R too, right? No, Duke Nukem, again, is being called for help. But this time, who calls him? Let's guess who? UAC!!! "What the hell?", says Duke. He adds "Go clean your own mess, idiots. It's your damn crap, go fix it on your own, now leave me alone!" The end of the call... Duke thinks... Why would they call me while there is DoomGuy to save their ass? Hmm... This might be my chance to prove that I'm much better than that crappy DoomGuy!!! Let's see what is going to happen now... Duke calls UAC again, says "I'll help you clean your mess, but I want something from you to do for me. I want the DoomGuy after I clean your mess, alive, I want to talk to him, personally.", UAC responds, "We will do what you want, just help!!! A big f!!!ing Spider is destroying our base!!!" Duke responds "It's time to kickass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all outta gum..."... end of the call.

Duke Nukem goes to the Mars with his Skycar, he grabs the pistol of an officer he found near the hangar of Phobos, and he says "Let's rock!"

But, what is that Spider thing? What will happen to Duke? Why did Duke call Doomguy? What's going on? Does Duke have Spiderphobia? You'll learn the answer of these when you play, HELL DUKE TC!

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