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This feature is deprecated.
It's recommend not to use this feature.

Returns the value of the currently selected weapon. The value is briefly not set when the player enters the game.

define KNEE_WEAPON         0 // Mighty Foot
define PISTOL_WEAPON       1
define SHOTGUN_WEAPON      2
define CHAINGUN_WEAPON     3
define RPG_WEAPON          4
define HANDBOMB_WEAPON     5 // Pipebombs
define SHRINKER_WEAPON     6
define DEVISTATOR_WEAPON   7 // Devastator
define TRIPBOMB_WEAPON     8
define FREEZE_WEAPON       9 // Freezethrower
define HANDREMOTE_WEAPON   10 // Pipebomb Detonator
define GROW_WEAPON         11 // Microwave Expander