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globalflags holds values that control certain aspects of the engine.

Can be set via DEF with the globalflags command.

See also globalgameflags and globalgameflags (DEF command).


The following values are used with globalflags userdef or globalflags DEF command.

Exposed Value Label Description
No 1 GLOBAL_NO_GL_TILESHADES Disable tile shades (aka palette emulation) in OpenGL
No 2 GLOBAL_NO_GL_FULLBRIGHT Disable fullbright colors in OpenGL
No 4 GLOBAL_NO_GL_FOGSHADE Make visibility the same for all shades in OpenGL. With this, positive shades won't appear darker with visibility, and negative shades won't appear brighter (and negative shades will have virtually no difference from shade zero). Use HICTINT_NOFOGSHADE on tint to set individually for a palette.
define GLOBAL_NO_GL_TILESHADES          0x00000001
define GLOBAL_NO_GL_FULLBRIGHT          0x00000002
define GLOBAL_NO_GL_FOGSHADE            0x00000004