Globalgameflags (DEF)

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globalgameflags <flags>

Can be used to set the values of the globalgameflags userdef structure.

See also globalflags and globalflags (DEF command).


The following values are used with globalgameflags userdef or | globalgameflags DEF command.

Exposed Value Label Description
No 1 DUKE3D_NO_WIDESCREEN_PINNING Disable widescreen orientation bits for weapon sprites drawn on screen. Enable this if you are using weapon sprites extended on the sides (similar to 20th Anniversary World Tour).
No 2 DUKE3D_NO_HARDCODED_FOGPALS Disable the four fog palettes. By default Eduke32 will create four new palettes, with IDs ranging from 26 to 29 (however it varies depending of the size of the lookup table).
No 4 DUKE3D_NO_PALETTE_CHANGES Disable changes to the game palette. By default Eduke32 will attempt to replace the magenta color used for transparency with the color closest to black.
define DUKE3D_NO_WIDESCREEN_PINNING     0x00000001
define DUKE3D_NO_HARDCODED_FOGPALS      0x00000002
define DUKE3D_NO_PALETTE_CHANGES        0x00000004