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readarrayfromfile <array name> <quote number>

Reads a file into a gamearray; the quote contains the file name. Each array element will contain 4 bytes of the file's content in sequence. The file is expected to have previously been saved with writearraytofile.

Note that this command implicitly resizes the gamearray to have exactly as many entries as required to store the file's content. Therefore, after executing this command, the size of the array may have grown or shrunk, depending on the file that was loaded.

Here's an example of how an array can be accessed byte-wise (in case you are using files which were not created by writearraytofile):

gamevar ofs // Byte address
gamevar idx // Array index
gamevar oct // Byte to select
gamevar ret // Value to return

redefinequote 256 MYFILE.BIN
readarrayfromfile ARRAY[idx] 256

setvarvar idx ofs  shiftvarr idx 2
setvarvar oct ofs  andvar oct 3 // DWORD to BYTE ptr
setvarvar ret ARRAY[idx]
ifvarand oct 2  shiftvarr ret 16
ifvarand oct 1  shiftvarr ret 8
andvar ret 255