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Please, before rememder that Assault Captain strength is 60, not 50.

Probably you found that line in USER.CON:

define CAPTAINSTRENGTH          50

But looking at GAME.CON you can see that this is unusued and Assault Captain strength is activated by TROOPSTRENGTH:

state checktrooppalette
  ifai 0
    ifspritepal 0
        ifspritepal 21
          addstrength TROOPSTRENGTH // Double the hitpoint vals

You can test this by yourself, changing TROOPSTRENGTH and seeing that this affect boot Assault Trooper and Assault Captain, but CAPTAINSTRENGTH has no effect.


The Recon's health is actually 130. This was discovered through use of the hitscan command to return back the health of the RECON actor when it is targetted by the hitscan. If you don't believe me, DeeperThought's DNWMD Modification has this very system, and so does my own mod[although it's not public].

Re: Recon

You are right, there is no effect changing RECONSTRENGTH.

But I still you remain the name "Small missiles" (or whatever you think is better, but not just RPGs) in Commander, beucase its rockets cause less damage.

Simple Recon Code

Actually, all you have to do is add some EVENT_EGS code.

gamevar EGS_FLAG 0 2
gamevar HEALTH 0 2

onevent EVENT_EGS
  getactor[THISACTOR].picnum EGS_FLAG
  switch EGS_FLAG
   case RECON:
    getactor[THISACTOR].extra HEALTH
    addlogvar HEALTH


Hrm. That can be accomplished using only one global gamevar, which would save ~128KB of memory. TX 17:38, 4 November 2006 (PST)
OT, people really need to sign when they post in Talk. Mblackwell 09:04, 7 November 2006 (PST)